Tuesday, September 30, 2008

oh, I was tagged so I'm it!

1. I still live less than 80 miles from where I was born. In fact I have never lived more than 100 miles from my birth place, and I have never lived outside of the state of Washington. (I am very happy this is one of my facts too)

2. When I was little I wanted to be the first female pitcher for the Mets. I had a few other ambitions that were weird (but I'm not mentioning them on this blog).

3. If we could afford it, and I didn't have to work, I would want to have atleast 2 more babies. I can want all that is good for me, because I am fixed.

4. I hitch hiked with my best friend to California when I was 14. We only made it to the very northernest northern part of California. We stopped in a diner and made fast friends with the waitress, we revealed all of our secrets to her. The nice waitress told us to go and wait at the nearby park, and that she would pick us up after she got off. 30 minutes later the police showed up and took us to a run away home (they must get them a lot in California-the house was full of kids) and we had to wait for my best friends mom to drive and pick us up.

5. I've only been on an airplane 3 times in my life. When I was 16 I went to California with my step sister and her mom for a disneyland/universal studios vacation. The next time I was on a plane was when I was 20, my mom best friends daughter was engaged to someone who worked at Berkstroms and we went up in one of those little planes when Ricky was just 2 years old. The last time I was on a plane was a couple years ago when I went to Las Vegas with my Mother and sister in Law to celebrate his grandmas birthday.

6. I was 28 when I got married. Practically an old lady (totally joking)

7. My favorite sport to watch is golf, but I have never actually played.

I tag anyone who reads this....can I do that, because I'm still learning all of the ins and outs of blogging.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our day at the mall

This is a long over due. And very blog worthy. Tyler is my beautiful 7 year old daughter. We have talked about getting her ears pierced for a long time. As the day approached Tyler got more and more nervous about getting them done. When we got to the mall I could tell that we might end up leaving with no piercings! The young girl at the store was very patient with Tyler. Tyler needed to take her time to even get up in the chair. Once she was sitting in the chair she was able to hold the bear who had its ears pierced :) As the earings were being loaded into the gun, Tyler started to back out of the chair. She had made up her mind in those short seconds that she didn't want to get them done! This was critical for me as a mom to help her with as much love and compassion as I could. I felt like this was a moment that Tyler and I could be closer, and development more trust. I knew she wanted her ears done, and I also knew she was scared. We worked it out! and I held her close, told the young girl to go ahead! and what do you know, but Tyler looked at me and said "that didn't hurt at all!!" so she was much more cooperative for the second ear. The best news of all was how proud she was of herself that she didn't leave the mall without the earrings. The best part for me was how much closer I felt to her because of the experience we shared together.

Friday, September 19, 2008

my day with Shmabel

So I got my wish, and it has been great spending the day with my baby girl. We don't really have a day time routine together because I'm usually at work and she is with Jessica and Tristan. So we've winged it. The weekend is always different because the whole family is home and we have that routine going on. It's been a good day, and I was actually kind of worried about tonight as it was. We are going to Kamiakins homecoming game with Ricky and his best friend and the girls are going over to grandma and grandpas.

First Game

#60 is Ricky's best friend. His name is Hunter.

It was the first game for the 8th grade Highlands team yesterday. Ricky started as Center for the offense and as a Line backer for the defense. Ricky played with passion and determination and this mom was more than a little proud to see her son in the light of someone who is in their element. Even on the sidelines Ricky is in the game. Pacing up and down the field, cheering his team on. The start of this year for Ricky has been all about the pay off of the last 5 years of hard work.

I guess I would have to explain why this is so monumental to me. You see I have this personal philosophy about my kids and the activities they do. So for the longest time Ricky has wanted to play football, but for my own personal reasons I like to keep it simple with my kids. So I was depending on the desire and passion of playing to make up for the lost years of experience once Ricky made it onto the field! And it has totally paid off. When I picked Ricky up from his school and he got in the truck the first thing I said was what a great game he played. He said "thanks Mom" and then went on to tell me the things that they need to do better the next game ( I think that this is fine when it is done in a positive way because going back over a situation and accessing the plays helps process and learn for the next time). It was such a good feeling last night to watch him play both on and off the field.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My "Mamma time"

The thought that has been on my mind the most this week is-how much time I have to spend away from my kids....I especially look at Abigail and watch her grow, and I know that she wants "mama" constantly because lately that is all she says :) I have to be at work, and I have to help provide, but my heart yearns to be closer and to be near my children more. What a precious gift it is to be a mother, not that I'm the best, I have my moments of yelling and even arguing stupid arguments where I stop and go wait wait wait, but then I have those moments when I find my groove, and I stay intune with them and I figure out just what they need at that exact moment. Those are the moments that keep me going...So I will just enjoy the time I do have with the kids and really be grateful that I even get to have them in my life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My current reading status

I have been in a book club for almost a year, Yikes! time has just flown by. So I thought I could list the books we have read since we've started and add the books I've read on the side. I keep an updated bookshelf on

So far (listed in order of least favorite to top 3 favs):
The Thirteenth Tale
Three Quarters of an Orange
19 Minutes
A thousand Splendid Suns (!!!)
These is my Words (!!!!)
The Red Tent (!!!!!)

We are currently reading the Time Travelers Wife and I am SOOO falling in love with the characters...the idea of time travel has been a hard one for me to wrap my mind around, so I just have to stop trying to make the concept stick in my mind and just accept that it works :)

On the side I have gotten into the Philipia Gregoire Boleyn Girls books and have loved it (Thanks Kate!)
I've read some random books that I have laying around that I don't remember the titles to.... and of course I've continued to listen and re listen to Harry Potter on CD and also the Lord of the Rings. I've also been listening to a new series of Anne McCaffery books that she wrote with her son Todd on my son Ricky's Ipod when he lets me borrow it. With my daughter Tyler we started reading Anne of Green Gables, one of the best books of all times in my most humble opinion. And Tyler just loves the way Matthew and Marilla talks, and she loves listening about Anne...Abigail has also been expanding her horizons, her favorite book is still the peekaboo book that she got for her birthday, she loves to ROAR like a tiger when we get to the page that the tiger is hiding behind the curtain...poor Ricky has been stuck reading one of the Hardy Boys books because it is Mystery month for home he continues to listen to Anne McCaffery on his Ipod

My daughter Abigail and my Mother in law look so much a like. The baby pictures also look a lot like the baby pictures I have seen of my sister in law Katie

Same Day-Different thoughts

Last night was the longest night for me and James....our poor abishmabel was having a bad stomach ache and we stayed up all night listening to her cry and not being able to do anything about it. She is the sweetest and usually very easily consoled, so when she is like she was last night we knew something wasn't right. She is feeling back to her self today, and I am looking forward to peaceful and early sleep tonight!

This is all new to me

I guess that I should start with who I am....I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister and a friend. My life seems so hectic and busy these days but at the same time very simple. There is the constant of trying my best to put 100% into being the mom I think that my children deserve and also putting enough energy into myself that I don't loose everything I've worked so hard to regain.
I guess the desire to blog has come from reading my sister in laws blogs, it has been so cool to keep up with her life that way that I wanted to do the same thing.
I hope that I can stay consistent and that I will be able to share my life even more through this blogging thing!!