Friday, February 27, 2009


I don't know what I like most about watching Ricky play middle school sports....

1. It's a new side to my son, because he didn't start any competive sports until he got into middle school

2. Being with family and friends hanging out watching the sports

3. (this probably is my favorite part...okay it is!) Watching Ricky on the sidelines, he is one heck of a team player!!! It makes me so proud to see him cheer on his team mates, and be such a good sport, wether he wins OR looses.

Last night was especially fun; everyone showed up for the match. It will be the last match I see Ricky wrestle until next year for High School because I have to work late on one of the nights that they have matches. Ricky did great and pinned his guy in the first round. He now stands at 6 wins (5 of them being pins) and 4 losses.

Abigail had a blast traveling across all of her grandparents laps and getting to see everyone. Poor Tyler was suffering from a gluten attack so she spent a lot of her time on my lap trying to stay strong. Before the match was over she was feeling back to her Tyler self!